What is an explainer? A basic explainer provides a short yet detailed introduction to a much larger and complicated subject. How are Explainer Music videos different? It's in the name. Below you will find examples of how we use music to enhance the basic explainer formula. Information never sounded so good.

ProPublica's "My Water's On Fire Tonight"

ProPublica's "Money is Speech"

ProPublica's "The Redistricting Song"

ProPublica's "Foreclosure Crisis"

ProPublica's "Oh, Super PACs!"

Pandodaily's "E-Cigarettes: An R&B Explainer"

PandoDaily's  "Who Killed The Music Industry?"

PandoDaily's "Who Killed The Music Industry?"

PandoDaily's "OMG GMOs"

PandoDaily's "Asteroids"

PandoDaily's "The Great Firewall of China" 

PandoDaily's "Cell Phone Privacy Song"

PandoDaily's "NASA's $2.5 Billion Gamble"

Pandodaily's "How to Make It in Porn"

The Guardian's "The Euro Crisis Song"

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